Before the Consultation

Before a consultation, you fill out a questionnaire and 3 day food diary covering your dietary and nutritional intake, lifestyle, any symptoms, and your medical and family history.  This allows for a thorough assessment and research before the consultation, allowing me to concentrate on the areas of most importance to you when I see you.

The Consultation

First consultations are usually between 1-1.5 hrs with follow-ups between 45mins-1hr.
During the consultation, we discuss your key aims, and agree upon an action plan consisting of personalized dietary and lifestyles changes, having linked any symptoms to dietary imbalances.  I take into account your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, your local shops and provide ideas including recipes if you are going to try new foods or new ways of preparing foods, designed to make the process of change as easy as possible.

Supplements may be recommended for short periods if your diet has been lacking in certain nutrients for a long time, while you are putting in place the recommended dietary changes.  Non-invasive clinical tests to identify a suspected underlying imbalance may also be recommended.

After the Consultation

Normally follow-up consultations would take place about 4-6 weeks later, allowing you enough time to incorporate the changes agreed upon.


A first consultation costs £120 with follow-up consultations costing £95.  Discounts are available for payment in advance.  Please contact me for details.


You can cancel your appointment by contacting me by telephone at least 24 hours (1 working day) before your appointment.  This allows the clinic to run efficiently so someone else may take your appointment if you need to cancel.

If you miss your appointment and have failed to notify me 1 working day before your appointment, you will be charged an administration fee of £30.


Nutritional Therapy does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. You should always see your GP if you have any symptoms which could relate to a medical condition.   Please include this information on your questionnaire so I can, if necessary, liaise with your GP or consultant (provided you consent to this).

Please note that the fact that you are seeing me and any information given to me will remain strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without your consent.  For more information, please see my Privacy Policy.


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